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Help for Buyer
As a toys buyer, you can get these service as bellow:
Regist a buyer member?          
How to login?        
Forgost your password?        
Find toy products?        
Find toy suppliers?
How to post buying request?       
How to subscription new product?      
Contact us?

How can I join ChinaToyTrade.com as a Buyer member?
1. Click "Join Free" on the top right of our home page, http://crownpic.com;
2. Choose your role. If you are a buyer, click “Buyer”.

3. Enter the information required.
4. Click the “Submit” button.


If forget your password, you can:
1. Retrieve your password first: click on the "Forgot Your Password?" link on the Login page or directly go to http://crownpic.com/Members/send.php
2. An email will be sent to your registered email address. Please set your new password.

3. If you can't remember your registered e-mail address, please contact us.
E-mail:Buyer@ctoy.cn        Tel: 86-020-66842173         QQ: 2355507011

How do I Sign In to chinatoytrade.com?
If you have registered with chinatoytrade.com, you can sign in directly. Click "Sign in" on the top of our home page,http://crownpic.com/Members/tradelog.php;

How can i find products from chinatoytrade.com?

1. you can find new products by category or search.

2. Choose what you like, and click to view detail.

3. Contact supplier by senting inquiry or by im software as qq,msn,skype, or you can directly call them.

How can i find suppliers from chinatoytrade.com?

1. you can find suppliers by category or search. 

2. Contact supplier by sentting email or im softwar and telephone.

How do I post a buying request?

If you do not register or sign in Makepolo.com, you still can post buying requests.
1. Click   located on the right side of search bar.
2. Fill in the product information, “*” is required.
3. Be sure to fill in email address to make suppliers contact you.

4. Click “Submit” to save your buying request.

If you are lazy, but want to purchase some toy products, contact our beautiful customer service girl:
E-mail:Buyer@ctoy.cn        Tel: 86-020-66842173         QQ: 2355507011 

How to subscritpion new products?

Please enter your email address, we'll sent you new toy products mail per month.

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